Amazing Features

Take Care App brings you a wide range of pioneering features

Real Time Alert Notifications

Triggering two way instant notifications that eliminate the traditional void that exists between benefactors & beneficiaries.

Layered Safety Pools

Human resource pooling into different groups that act as safety shields, effectively segregated through location services.

Volunteering Platform

Anyone can Volunteer & participate in their best respective capacities, as Change Makers.
The first ever platform to do so.

Safety Awareness

With the ability to explore Dangerous Locations, and techniques that enhance personal safety, you are safe 24 x 7.

Community Help

Providing Relief & Rehabilitation.
With support of numerous NGOs, and prominent women rights activists, experts & counselors, we Take Care.

Ratings & Reviews

While the top rated content figures on top, anyone can rate & review the best & worst in services.

Why We Are Best

We Were Beaten, We Were Battered. We Battled, We Fought Back.

We Were Brought Down, We Came Back Motivated.

We Desired Change, We Brought the Change. We are Take Care.

  • World's 1st Social Safety App
  • Pioneering Revolutionary Safety Protocols
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Engaging & Empowering Society
  • Free for ever & completely ad-free

Take Care- World's 1st Social Safety App

Take Care app is a wholly new, uninspired, and a pioneering approach that provides immediate safety solutions, to people in need, via utilization of different layers of security protocols.

It is a cross platform Concept based Mobile Application, that caters to the need of procurement of emergency services (help), in event of panic situations, instantly, from the effectively segregated pools of human resources, in the closest proximity from the location of a victim.

It aims at Empowering the society with the means to participate, and at the same time utilize, the services of a robust security platform that ensures personal safety, no matter where you go, whenever you go.

Be it midnight, or daytime, the Take Care App takes your
complete care, with a wide range of pioneering features that
safeguard your movement.

A Poet by soul, an Innovator by mind.

Founder, Take Care

Ankit is an iOS Developer, and has made it possible to give life to the Take Care App. He spearheaded the iOS development, along with tackling superbly many other operational tasks.

Team Take Care

Gaurav is an Android Developer cum Problem solver. He loves to code. Loves to dabble with problems, also kicking the hell out of these problems.

Team Take Care

Kapil is a born UI/ UX designer, every single design you see here, is courtesy Kapil. Crazily creative.

Team Take Care

Hashim is the backend guy, Quiet & Humble, he effectively manages his roles, and is super fast in completing his job.

Team Take Care

It's Awesome

Highlights of Our App

Breakthrough Real-Time Safety Pools

No other safety app in the world delivers real time pooling of human resources, and the Take Care App brings it all on an instant tap while effectively pooling & segregating human resources, from the closest vicinity of those seeking help.

Community Participation

With features such as a robust Volunteering Platform, NGO participation, incorporation of Experts, Counselors, Policing authorities, and Media personnel, Take Care App empowers, as well as enables the society to come forth as a unified single unit, to turn our Society into a better, safer place.
Working with the People, for the People.

Global Pioneer in Innovation

Take Care App comes as a global pioneer & leader in the space of safety apps, taking this realm towards a whole new level of innovation, going beyond the restricted approach adopted by other similar platforms. Take Care App cuts through the usual set of human resources, we know of, and bringing to you the True Humane Existence ensuring your personal safety.

Screen Shots

Here are some of the exclusive screenshots of our App

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